EST. 2016



It all once started as a smal project out of McDonald’s restroom and has grown massively into a profit making business we do from our kitchens and backyards. From one bottle at a time, to (at least) 6, and from marker-drawn labels, to a single color inkjet print.

This is the only way to share this famous, worldly popular tap water with the rest of you, not lucky enough to enjoy it daily, to bathe, shower and brush your teeth with it.

Bottled right in the heart of the Flint’s nature – so the powerful and high vibrational energy of our plants, soil, cell and power towers would gently caress them and wash all the negative and harmful elements and influences.



We’re selling tap water in a bottle. Not any bottle. A LARGE bottle!

Formed in 2016, FlintSpringTap (FST) takes one of the most interesting commodities in Flint, Michigan, bottles it (using the most advanced technical process – a garden hose) and ships it straight to your ZIP code (you just have to pick it up at the post office).
Get your very own taste of FST and rehydrate in the coolest and the most daring way possible. You never know what’s gonna happen, so every sip is an adventure with so many possible ways to end.


Simple –  You’re a strong individual with guts who is not looking for aprovals from others. A person with adventure on his mind and wind in his hair. You already live fast and dangerous. Morning traffic, Starbucks (double-shots), mad boss, stinky co-worker with annoying laughter. Vending machine sandwich, afternoon traffic, nap, kids. Few beers during that boring TV show. Toothbrush. So, how can you bring it up, to yet another level, you ask? Have some FlintSpringTap. You know you want it!

Taking inspiration from the history-rich and otherwise poor industrial streets of Flint, we craft, fill and treat each single bottle of FST with love and respect – so that each one creates an unique individual experience with it’s character and a mysterious surprise factor. The one you have today may do nothing to you – but there’s always tomorrow and another bottle to have.

We truly pour our hearts, soul and our tap water into these hand-filled, labeled and corked bottles, because we want YOU to LOVE it the way we do.  It affects our lives in so many ways and we want to give something in return by introducing it to the rest of the World.



Flint Spring Tap Water – 1500ml

We want to launch FST and be able to send it everyone as soon as possible. At this moment we need funds to do this, since bottles, corks, inkjet cartridges, hoses cost money. Also our water bill is astronomical. Please donate to lift this product off the ground and to make it possible. It should be obvious by now that we’ve lied when we said that FST is a successful business. It’s now. But it can be.
(We cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of FST shipments when in transit.)


$ 5
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Donation Total: $5

You won’t actually receive any water, you’re donating to make this world a better place, and part of proceeds from every donation will go to The Community Foundation of Greater Flint

We only use bottles from ever-changing mountain tops of Flint’s trash depots and we re-cycle them by individually dipping each bottle in the soap water, then washing them in our yard, during the filling process. That way we make sure to add another layer of mystery and surprise to the chemical content of our water. Also, since we care about our environment, we try to spend daily time meditating on cleaner and healthier mother Earth and sending our positive vibrations of pure energy to the pyramds and to stargates, enhancing vortexes of strong and powerful energy grid that preserves, cleans and carresses our nature and all it’s creatures. (We do not hug trees)

The beauty of our tap water comes from the emotional value of blood and tears of thousands of our low wage warkers, who invested themselves into our brighter future, where rivers run green & yellow and the price of water goes from $1.25 to priceless. By ordering a bottle of FST, you’re saying “I understand you, you hard working men and a women. I acknowledge your sacrifice and your struggle, I respect you and (like Michael Moore), I want to share your story with the world, I need to experience just a bit of your life and I’ll do it by proudly drinking this bottle full of your sweat. I know it’s not enough – it’s not even close, but if we all take small steps, maybe one day we will put you on the map for the reasons other than your grainy water in so many shades of grey, (way more than 50).


We are NOT associated with the city of Flint – actually we are not from Flint at all. We are however deeply disturbed by official and public ignorance for the people of Flint and their water chrisis. We are trying to raise the awarness about the city and it’s humanitarian problems, because that is not an isolated case, nor it’s properly handled.

Erin Brokovich is currently fighting a war pushing for more chemical laws in the Country (link), because this is not an isolated problem – it’s happening all over America. Help Flint, help America, help our children’s future.